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10 Reasons to Join PWAC and the Toronto Chapter



There are many reasons for joining PWAC. Here are the top 10 reasons for becoming a member of the PWAC Toronto chapter, as compiled by veteran PWAC Toronto members:
  1. Networking with other writers and editors. Freelance writing can be a lonely endeavour – with only email and the telephone separating you from total isolation. Join PWAC and network with local writers and editors at chapter events and seminars, or with writers across Canada on the PWAC “L” and “Biz” discussion lists and at the PWAC National Conference and AGM (annual general meeting).

  2. Professional development. Attend PWAC Toronto’s no-cost seminars and receive discounts on workshops offered by the Chapter or Chapter members. Participate in national, Internet-based seminars offered by PWAC.

  3. Socializing with your peers. It’s one thing to network and to learn stuff, another to just hang out with your peers. And PWAC Toronto presents ample opportunities for you to attend “Cheers with Peers” and other social events.

  4. Job leads/new markets. Show me the money. Okay, nobody can guarantee that you will land job leads or find new markets just because you join PWAC, but if you network with other writers, attend professional development seminars and socialize with your peers, you will probably pick up a lead or two along the way or learn about a market/writing opportunity that you never knew existed.

  5. Listing on lists over 500 professional writers – by geographic location and area(s) of specialization. The PWAC National website – – directs prospective editors and corporate clients to the site.

  6. Story ideas/interview leads. Ever been stuck for a story idea, or not able to flesh one out? Ever come up one source short for an article, or have difficulty connecting with an obscure source? Join the PWAC “L” and/or the PWAC “Biz” email lists and you can bounce ideas off, or ask for assistance from, over 300 writers across Canada.

  7. Peer support. Invoice overdue and you’ve called three times? The editor gutted your story and you don’t know what to do? Not sure of how to approach a new editor or a potential corporate client? Don’t have a clue how much to quote for a potentially lucrative gig? You’ve had to rewrite a story six times and could just kill the editor? Who you going to talk to? Why a fellow PWACer of course. At networking/social events or online, PWAC members are there to let you know that you are not alone.

  8. Contractual advice. “The contract requires that I sign over serial rights, electronic rights, copyright, moral rights, my first born, and my pet gold fish. Should I sign it?” Not before you review PWAC’s copyright resources and talk to knowledgeable PWAC members first!

  9. Leadership opportunities. You can become a member and take advantage of all of the above benefits. If you wish to get more involved, however, you can also join the PWAC Toronto executive or run for the PWAC National executive. You will learn a heck of a lot about brainstorming, negotiating, debating, leading, and leadership – all in a co-operative and supportive environment.

  10. Exposure. Not anybody can join PWAC. To join, you have to be a professional writer, one who meets PWAC’s criteria. Once you are in, you can generate exposure for your name and services by showing up at events, chatting with your peers, asking questions, learning how to market yourself and your services, serving as an executive member, and so on.

There are many more reasons to join PWAC, but we have deadlines to meet and money to make, so we thought we’d stop at 10.

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