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6 summer reads to improve your freelance business
Thursday, July 30, 2015 (All day)

If you’re lucky enough to take some time off this summer, whether it’s flying away to a foreign location or relaxing at the cottage, there’s no better time to curl up with a good book.

These highly recommended reads by PWAC board members can be a great way to enjoy time outdoors, while learning new ways to improve your business.

Improve your writing

How to write a non-fiction book in 60 days, by Paul Lima

“Paul covers practical techniques for generating and organizing ideas, developing a detailed outline, and getting to your first draft.” – Karen Luttrell, PWAC Toronto Chapter President Elect

Improve how you freelance

The Renegade Writer, by Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell

“It's funny, smart and accessible, and as you read it, it feels like the writers are on your side and rooting for you. I also recommend their second book, Query Letters That Rock, which is stuffed with great examples of successful pitches.” – Jaclyn Law, PWAC Toronto Chapter President

Note: The book is out of print and only available as an ebook.

Motivate to create, a guide for writers, by Nate Hendley

“Nate explores motivation for starting up or stepping up your writing career. In particular, he takes a helpful look at inspiration, goal setting and self-discipline for writers.” – Karen Luttrell, PWAC Toronto Chapter President Elect

How to start and run a copywriting business, by Steve Slaunwhite

“I read this book when I was first going freelance and it has stayed on my bookshelf to this day because it is the one I refer to if I occasionally need a sample message to deal with a tricky client situation. While Steve gives some good basic writing instruction here, the real treasure in this book is in the wealth of practical tips and samples to help with the business of freelance writing.” – Karen Luttrell, PWAC Toronto Chapter President Elect

Improve your state of mind

It’s All Too Much, by Peter Walsh

“If, like me, you have a clutter problem, this book will help you let go of the stuff that doesn't matter so that you can be more relaxed, organized and productive.” – Jaclyn Law, PWAC Toronto Chapter President

Note: Walsh is an organization expert who you may have seen on TV.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity (revised edition), by David Allen

“I first read this book years ago. Then I reread it. Then I read it again, placing sticky notes on concepts I wanted to go back to. I did another sticky note run. That’s how valuable I find the concepts Allen outlines in his book.

It’s helped me, well, get things done based on concepts like:

  • focusing only on the next step I need to take in a project, so I don’t get overwhelmed by the size of a project
  • understanding the benefits of “mind like water”
  • grasping the value of a GTD weekly review (the book is so popular you can even google the acronym of its title)” – Luigi Benetton, PWAC Vice-President

Note: Since the first edition, Allen fielded many questions over podcasts and blogging, but this year he finally updated the book with new material.

Josephine Lim is a Toronto-based freelance writer who writes about personal finance and business topics for media and corporate clients. She also has experience crafting SEO-friendly website copy and creating social media and content marketing strategies.

- Josephine Lim


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