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Make the most of the summer slowdown
Friday, June 28, 2013 (All day)


For many freelancers, there’s a curious correlation between rising outdoor temperatures and declining business, as clients take summer holidays and put projects off until fall. Take the work slowdown in stride – there are many productive ways you can spend the extra time. Here are some ideas:

- Declutter and organize your office. Check out these tips for inspiration.
- Tackle your filing (paper and digital). If you’re not happy with your filing system, now’s a great time to overhaul it.
- Update your resumé, website and social media profiles.
- Start tallying up this year’s expense receipts so you’ll have less to do at tax time. Not sure about eligible business deductions? Click here for guidance plus a free downloadable workbook.
- Revisit your business vision and your business plan. Follow the links for expert tips from Toronto freelancer Paul Lima.
- Contact clients you haven’t heard from in a while. Send a brief email to let them know your availability. Their schedules may be lighter, too – invite them out for coffee.
- Invite colleagues whom you only know via social media to meet in person.
- Catch up on reading your RSS feeds, bookmarked blogs, e-newsletters, clipped articles, etc.
- Research new topics, publications, prospects and markets.
- Look into things that you’ve been putting off due to lack of time, such as financial services, insurance options, Internet providers, web hosting, cloud storage, software and computer upgrades.
- Invest time in professional development. Take a course in person or online – check out the free university-level offerings from Coursera, for example.
- Experiment with something new that you could potentially add to your service offerings or that might otherwise benefit your business (social media platforms, blogging, podcasting, videos, cold calling, public speaking, speechwriting, newsletters, web design, teaching workshops, etc.).
- Start that passion project you’ve been saving for “someday.”
- Connect with other writers for relaxed networking at a café or pub. (If you’re in the Toronto area, you’re welcome to join PWAC Toronto Chapter for Cheers with Peers on July 11, Aug. 15 and Sept. 12, starting at 7 p.m., at Pogue Mahone.)
- Make plans with non-writer friends. They’re part of your network, too, and their contacts could yield leads for freelancing gigs.
- Volunteer for a cause or charity you care about.
- Take an actual vacation and recharge before work ramps up in the fall. See you at the beach!

Jaclyn Law is the president of PWAC Toronto Chapter.

- Jaclyn Law


Fantastic tips, Jaclyn,

Fantastic tips, Jaclyn, thanks for sharing.

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