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Why consider corporate writing?
Thursday, July 2, 2015 (All day)

For freelancers looking for a change of pace, corporate writing is a good avenue to pursue. Whether it's working with clients via a PR agency or working directly with entrepreneurs and bigger corporations, corporate writing is a surefire way to change up your clientele.
For writers with a non-corporate background (read: journalism), here are my top three reasons for considering this path.

Plenty of variety

Corporate writing means writing for companies, but the specific types of assignments will vary. From writing a press release about an event or milestone to crafting copy on a website’s homepage to interviews with executives, one of the most attractive parts about this line of work is that you’re challenged with crafting content for all kinds of projects which means it’s always different. Truth be told, that's a lot of fun.

Similar skills

In order to be an effective freelancer for magazines and newspapers, it's critical you are able to match the tone and writing style of your target publication. With corporate writing, the same is required.

To effectively write for a company, you need to use your analytical skills to understand their brand and voice. Some companies will also have brand guidelines which will also help inform your writing style. 

A new challenge

Simply put, it's interesting to be on the client side of things.

Whereas in journalism your goal is to find an angle and tell the story, corporate writing requires you to work towards a client's business end goal. Figuring out what they want, why they want it and how they hope to achieve this goal is definitely a different process -- and it can be challenging -- but ultimately gratifying to pinpoint and achieve a specific goal.

If you’re hunting for new clients, corporate writing offers any number of options to choose from.

Vanessa Santilli is a Toronto-based writer, editor and communications professional.

- Vanessa Santilli


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