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Writing resolutions for 2013
Monday, January 7, 2013 (All day)

With the new year under way and improvement on everyone's brains, there's no better time to start thinking and planning for ways to grow your writing business. Here are what PWAC Toronto Chapter board members have in mind when it comes to writing and working in 2013:

Increasing networking opportunities for 2013 is a major focus for me, and I look forward to expanding my networking circle via speaking engagements, seminars and joint business ventures. I'm also looking forward to writing for more varied markets this year.
Angela Walcott, executive member

Be. Do. These are the two small words that will guide my life and work this year. I have a stronger sense of what I want to do, and will use that confidence to drive my business forward. I will be bolder and think bigger. I will create more opportunities. I will help more people and businesses express themselves with great content. I will find more time to pursue personal writing. I will write more. Oh, the new year always holds such great energy. I am going to hold onto that feeling for as long as possible!
Kate Wilson, executive member

I think my writing resolution this year is to find a way to rely less on one-off freelance projects, and to develop a more continuous stream of income (passive income would be even better!). I’d also like to write for more high-profile publications and organizations.
John Schofield, executive member

This year, I have three resolutions related to freelancing: 1) De-clutter my office and create some room to breathe and think. 2) Say “yes” to fewer volunteer writing and editing projects. I want to help, but I gave away too much time in 2012. 3) Get to the gym more often—sitting at a desk for hours every day is taking its toll!
Jaclyn Law, president

Coming back to freelancing after an absence of several years was a bit of a scramble. Happily, I’ve made some exciting new connections and was thrilled to rediscover former clients. It’s also been fun to explore all the new media out there, and last year, I launched my new blog drivelikeagirl.ca. So now, I’ll be developing my brand through my blog and all the new media that’s out there. It’s not just about cars – it’s about anything and everyone that uses the road. You’ll be hearing from me on every channel out there, and that includes radio and (hopefully) TV. At the same time, I want to find more ways of surprising and delighting my clients. Freelancing is like riding a bicycle—once you know how, you never forget. 2013 is the year to get out of granny gear!
Krystyna Lagowski, secretary

In 2013, holding more events is the top tactic I’ll use to build my non-profit communications and writing business. Like many writers I know, I tend to shy away from the spotlight. So this is a big step—and I’m determined to take it. Last year, my best leads and biggest clients found me through events and speaking engagements. They also connected online. So my digital presence has been important, too, but the relationships started through events. That’s why I’ve not only resolved to hold more of them, I’ve written it into my business plan that I will host at least one event each quarter. The first one is set for January 24. Video producer Peter Reynolds and I will give an overview of what’s new and exciting in non-profit annual reports. Sound like your cup of tea? You’re welcome to join us for a look at emerging trends from the postcard report to the video report. Or let me know what other non-profit communications topics you’re interested in, and maybe I’ll see you at a March event.
Karen Luttrell, vp communications

My writing resolution is to send out more pitches to new clients in 2013.
Nate Hendley, vp networking and special events

I’ve always been open to risk in my personal life, and even in my former professional life as a field geologist. But ever since I went freelance 15 years ago, I’ve been risk averse in my writing career. My goal for 2013 is to take more risks in my writing and see where that leads. It shouldn’t always be about making the money and/or working within a comfort zone.
Virginia Heffernan, treasurer

At the beginning of 2013, I got reacquainted with software called RescueTime. It tracks what you do on your computer in real time, without your needing to enter any information, and shows you exactly how you’ve been spending your time. My plan: to get a clear-eyed look at the amount of time I spend working, as well as the time I spend using news websites, HootSuite and that greatest of time sucks, e-mail. My hope: to have this knowledge spur me to make more effective use of my time.
Luigi Benetton, executive member

I’ve got a lot of ideas about how to grow my writing business in 2013—but no real system to organize and achieve them. It’s often said that what gets measured gets managed, so my biggest business goal for this year is to create a plan for all of my business development activities that include timelines, targets and deadlines. I think this will allow me to work more effectively and efficiently, be more precise about the work I want to do, and help me better track my progress. Ideally this will lead to better projects, higher revenues, and more time for life outside of work!
Sharon Aschaiek, NetWords editor

- PWAC Toronto Chapter


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