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Vanessa headshot
For a freelancer, the ability to create a solid pitch is a critical skill. If you want to proactively secure opportunities, pitching is your ticket to achieving a good flow of work. That being said, spending time perfecting the art of pitching is a...
Vanessa Santilli
Jaclyn profile
Pitching magazine articles is a topic that PWAC Toronto Chapter covers nearly every year in our seminar series. Writers are hungry for tips on generating ideas, crafting query letters and developing relationships with editors. I’ve worked on...
Jaclyn Law
Jaclyn Law
Canadians are a giving bunch: in 2013, 44% of us volunteered our time. That’s a drop of three percentage points since 2010, but the amount of time donated annually to volunteer activities – nearly two billion hours – hasn’t...
Jaclyn Law
Kate Wilson
We all know when we’ve heard a great radio story, television show or speech. But great television, radio and speeches don’t just happen. Good writing makes it all happen. Writing scripts that will be heard by an audience is a different...
Kate Wilson
Jo pic
Freelance writers may consider adding advertising writing as another revenue stream of their business. While the world of advertising may not be how we see it in Mad Men, PWAC Toronto brought in a few experts to talk about what opportunities are...
Josephine Lim
Krystyna Lagowski
Who knows more about the impact of good advertising than a freelance writer? You’re always out there, pitching your wares, rustling up clients, positioning yourself for maximum value. And what self-respecting freelance writer doesn’t...
Krystyna Lagowski
PWAC TO logo
Dear friends in the freelance writing community, Recent news about PWAC National's financial crisis took us all by surprise. These difficulties will affect all PWAC members across the country. The PWAC Toronto Chapter Executive Board was not privy...
PWAC Toronto Chapter Executive Board
Vanessa Santilli
No matter how much work you hope to get done during the holiday season, sometimes that's just not possible. With the offices of corporate clients generally closing around Christmas time, along with a variety of other institutions, freelancers often...
Vanessa Santilli
Sue headshot
As the snow flies and holiday decorations begin to appear, thoughts turn to—our busy social calendars. For many freelancers, holiday parties can be a great time for catching up with editors and colleagues, as well as meeting new people. Yet...
Suzanne Bowness
Luigi headshot
As freelancers, we seek attention from people who might hire us. We may also (ahem) be familiar with social media. Maybe it’s time to marry the two activities. We can use many techniques to get on a prospective client’s radar. (Note:...
Luigi Benetton
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