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Jaclyn Law
I'm a continuing-education junkie. I get excited when course calendars arrive in my mailbox, and I read them with a highlighter in hand. To me, they signal another year of opportunities to learn new stuff. I’ve taken several...
Jaclyn Law, VP Special Events/Networking
Nicole Cohen
Dear Freelance Writers, My name is Nicole Cohen. I am a doctoral candidate in the graduate program in Communication and Culture at York University. I am also a freelance writer and the co-founder and former co-editor of Shameless...
Nicole Cohen, Doctoral Candidate, York University
Marijke Vroomen-Durning
Editor's Note: With PWAC Toronto Chapter's upcoming panel discussion topic, "The Business of Books, we are pleased to feature a guest post from one of PWAC's professional members. People may think that book sales are dwindling, but some...
Marijke Vroomen-Durning, PWAC Professional Member
Jaclyn Law
PWAC Toronto Chapter’s October seminar, “Insiders’ Guide to Pitching Magazines,” was an enlightening look at how the editors of consumer magazines and their websites choose stories. The speakers—Martin Zibauer, deputy...
Jaclyn Law, VP Special Events/Networking
Dawn Boshcoff
I had spent most of an amazing summer up north following Magnet, Canada's National Magazines Conference in June. But I couldn’t wait to get back to the routine which pulls me back to the city for work, providing many opportunities to reconnect...
Dawn Boshcoff, NetWords Editor
Paul Lima
When it comes to writing for newspapers and magazines or writing fiction, too many writers sit down in front of the blank screen and try to bash out newsy, clever, colourful, creative copy. But when it comes to writing articles or novels, writing is...
Paul Lima, Business Writing Trainer
Sharon Aschaiek
As PWAC Toronto Chapter’s vice-president of professional development for the last five years, I’ve enjoyed the great opportunity to lead our chapter’s programming efforts—a role that has provided a broad range of personal and...
Sharon Aschaiek, VP Professional Development
Virginia Heffernan
Kicking back over beer on the patio with fellow writers the other night, it struck me how diverse our membership has become in the decade since I joined PWAC. Whereas our members once consisted of mainly magazine and newspaper writers, we now have a...
Virginia Heffernan, President PWAC Toronto Chapter
NetWords was initiated as an e-mail blast, several years ago, by Paul Lima, a former PWAC member and popular writing trainer, who continues to work as a freelancer in the GTA. As PWAC Toronto Chapter continued to grow, so did our...
Dawn Boshcoff, NetWords Editor
Dawn Boshcoff
We had planned for a mid-summer launch and finally, we have arrived! So, what do think? A fresh, new and more lively look, right? I think so too – but am proud to say, we're not just another, pretty page!  We're actually a better...
Dawn Boshcoff, VP Marketing, PWAC Toronto Chapter
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