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PWAC TORONTO CHAPTER is the country's largest, with over 200 professional writers who provide quality content writing and expertise to local, regional and national newspapers, magazines, corporate clients, small business, government agencies and non-profit organizations.


Jaclyn Law, President  [email protected]
Virginia Heffernan, Treasurer/Past President   [email protected]
Krystyna Lagowski, Secretary  [email protected]
Jane Langille, VP Communications   [email protected]
Trisha Richards, VP Marketing  [email protected]
Sue Bowness, VP Membership  [email protected]
Nate Hendley, VP Networking and Special Events  [email protected]
Dawn Boshcoff, VP Professional Development [email protected]
Kelli Korducki, VP Volunteers  [email protected]
Sharon Aschaiek, Executive Member, NetWords Editor   [email protected]
Luigi Benetton, Executive Member [email protected]
Karen Luttrell, Executive Member  [email protected]
John Schofield, Executive Member  [email protected]


Join our Toronto Chapter Executive Board or volunteer for one of our many active committees.
Contact Kelli Korducki, VP Volunteers, PWAC Toronto Chapter by E-mail: [email protected].

PWAC NATIONAL Headquarters is located at the Centre for Social Innovation
215 Spadina Avenue
Suite 123
Toronto , ON M5T 2C7
Executive Director: Sandy Crawley [email protected].

PWAC AMBASSADORS NETWORK was formed by PWAC Toronto Chapter to educate students about careers in professional writing, in partnership with colleges, universities and high schools.

PWAC Ambassadors are professional members who are willing to share their expertise, contacts and practical ideas. They visit student groups and classrooms to provide useful PWAC resources and student membership information, offer insights and advice on how to get started in a writing career, and share their experiences as professional writers.

The Ambassadors Network is set up exclusively to benefit students in the GTA enrolled in full-time, part-time and continuing education programs such as English, Journalism, Public Relations, Communications, Publishing, Media Studies and Writing.

If you would like more information about the PWAC Ambassadors Network or would like to schedule a visit from one of our PWAC Ambassadors, please contact Sue Bowness, VP Membership, PWAC Toronto Chapter, by e-mail:[email protected].

Mentoring through the Professional Writers Association of Canada is a valuable member benefit for both students and professional members. The program is not a replacement for tutoring or courses, but complements professional development by offering individual advice and guidance, rather than teaching.

Based on application information – including availability and career interests – PWAC Toronto Chapter matches mentors with suitable mentees. (The program is strictly voluntary.) The mentor and mentee are free to tailor the partnership to their individual needs, deciding between themselves on responsibilities and how long the relationship will last.

If you’re interested in participating in a mentorship, please download the Mentorship Brochure.

>Apply NOW!

On receipt of your application, we will send you a confirmation e-mail that will include mentorship guidelines designed to ensure a positive mentoring experience.

For more information contact:
PWAC Toronto Chapter Student Mentorship Program - Sue Bowness, VP Membership, PWAC Toronto Chapter, by e-Mail: [email protected].

PWAC promotes and encourages involvement with many other organizations interested in writer issues. In collaboration, our partner organizations combine a variety talents and ideas, helping to improve programs and services through cooperative programming efforts.