Reporting back from Boardgames and Beer


We talked a little shop, talked a little true crime (Nate‚Äôs shop talk) and got a little silly playing “two truths and a lie.” And then remembered to snap a couple of pics! Special thanks to our social convener Carolyn Camilleri who organized the event but managed to dodge the camera. And to Vivien Fellegi who took the photos.

Reporting back from PWAC Toronto’s latest social, here  we are, just a bunch of writers hanging out.

You should join us next time!


Karen Luttrell, Sharon Aschaiek and Sue Bowness. James Gladstone, is that you cut off on the left?


Who told the truth and who told the lie? Vivien Fellegi and Nate Hendley battle it out in a game of “two truths and a lie.”