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Books by PWAC Toronto Members

In addition to offering writing services to companies, organizations, newspapers and magazines, many PWAC Toronto members write books for writers and businesses and also write fiction and non-fiction for readers.  Below are book titles and links to website where you can find more information and/or place an order.

Note: If you are looking to hire a Toronto-based writer, send assignment details to: [email protected]. If you are looking for writers from across Canada, search

Author: Lisa Bendall
Books: After Disability: A Guide to Getting on with Life (Key Porter Books, 2006); Raising a Kid with Special Needs: The Complete Canadian Guide (Key Porter Books, 2008).
Websites: Visit for more information, visit your local bookstore, or order online at Chapters or

Noelle Boughton
Book: Margaret Laurence: A Gift of Grace, A Spiritual Biography is a life portrait that sheds new light on the spiritual growth of one of Canada's true greats on the world literary scene, and shows how that spiritual journey impacted her life and work.
Info/order: $19.95 (Cdn) + GST from Canadian Scholars' Press Inc./Women's Press:
1) phoning toll-free: 1-866-870-2774
2) emailing: [email protected], or
3) Online

Author: Kathy Buckworth
Book: The Secret Life of Supermom (Sourcebooks, 2005), Supermom, A Celebration of All You Do (Sourcebooks, 2006), Journey to the Darkside: Supermom Goes Home (Key Porter, 2007)
Websites: For more information: Books are available at all bookstores, includingChapters and online at Chapters or Amazon 

Al Czarnecki APR
Book: Crisis Communications: A Primer for Teams
Website: More information or to order:

Author: Nate Hendley
Book: Motivation for (Non-Fiction) Writers
Website: For more information and to order:

Author: Paul Lima
Books: The Six-Figure Freelancer (writing for corporate markets), Business of Freelance Writing (writing for newspapers and magazines), Everything You Wanted to Know About Freelance Writing… (combines above two books in one, at a discount), Copywriting That Works (used by the UofT and George Brown college and now available to the public), How to Write Media Releases to Promote Your Business, Organization or EventHow to Optimize Your Website for the Best Possible Search Engine Results, and the short e-report If You Don’t Know Where You are Going, How are You Going to Get There: Your Business Vision.
Coming Soon: Put Time on Your Side (Time Management); Get Where You Are Going: How to create your Business Plan and Marketing Plan
Website: For more information: For more information and to order online:

Author: Terry Murray
Book: Faces on Places: A Grotesque Tour of Toronto; Anansi, 2006. Background to the architectural sculpture on more than 65 Toronto buildings; with photographs.
Website: Anansi or Chapters or