Meet Networds’ New Editor - Suzanne (Sue) Bowness

It’s been a pleasure writing and editing PWAC’s Networds blog for a wide variety of reasons.

It has provided the perfect opportunity to connect with PWAC members, as well as the many outstanding professionals who have shared their insights at PWAC seminars. Season to season, the blog has also provided reminders of the benefits that come with a PWAC membership. PWAC Toronto Chapter’s board and, of course, its members are always available to inspire, motivate, educate and influence. PWAC shows us what life as independent professional writers has to offer and what we can do to make the most of it.

I’m stepping down as the blog’s editor but will see many of you at upcoming seminars and various events and outside PWAC.

Suzanne (Sue) Bowness
Suzanne (Sue) Bowness

Today, Sue Bowness steps in as Networds editor. She is a writer/editor with over 17 years of experience, writing everything from feature articles to web content for a variety of sectors, from education and careers to business and technology. Sue has been a PWAC member since 2002, and she has held various roles including president of the Ottawa Chapter and vice-president in charge of membership of the Toronto Chapter. She is now a Toronto board member at large.

To welcome Sue, say hello and volunteer to contribute posts, please reach out to Sue at [email protected] or [email protected]

Kara Kuryllowicz