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GST FAQ for Freelance Writers
Small Print: Before reading this GST FAQ, read the small print. Whether you read it or not, it is presumed that you have read it, agreed to and will abide by it before reading/applying any of the GST FAQ.

Q. As a freelance writer, do I have to charge my clients—periodical, corporate, government, non-profit, educational, individual, etc.—GST?

A. If you earn over $30,000 per year, you have to charge all your clients GST. If you earn under $30,000 per year charging GST is optional.

If you earn over $30,000 in one quarter or over 4 consecutive quarters, you must register for and begin to charge GST to all clients except those that are GST exempt (see below).

Q. I have a GST number and have been charging corporate clients GST. Do I also charge newspapers GST?

A. Unless a client is GST exempt, you must charge GST to them, regar