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We are pleased to have you join NetWords GTA Writer News & Events Hub.

1) How did you learn about PWAC?

a) word of mouth

b) attended a seminar

c) surfed to website

d) Other (please describe)

2) What do you expect to be the most useful part(s) of NetWords?

a) Blog Updates

b) Event Listings

c) Networking News

d) Membership Information

e) Contest Calendar

3) Which phrase best describes you?

a) I am a professional freelance writer

b) I am a working writer full-time

c) I aspire to become a professional writer.

d) I am a student.

e) Other (please describe)

4) Where are you located?

Outside Canada

Note: Collection of information is for exclusive use of PWAC Toronto Chapter for improved non-member services only. Information will not be shared or used for distribution to any other organization data base or individual. Subscribers to NetWords may unsubscribe at any time.

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