Corporate writing seminar recap

Corporate writing seminar panellists Gabrielle Bauer, Jaclyn Law, Carolyn Camilleri (moderator) and Erin Brand

How to efficiently recap the seminar from earlier in the week? Pull together the live-tweets and post them together! Here is the product of this week’s corporate writing seminar, with stellar panellists Gabrielle Bauer, Jaclyn Law, Carolyn Camilleri (moderator) and Erin Brand.

I have to admit, I miss Storify at these times. Apparently a few replacements exist for the app that made it easy to capture a live-tweeting session, but I’m just going the old fashioned copy/paste route for today’s recap. I will not be deterred from the expediency of posting my tweets as a recap of our recent Corporate Writing seminar!

Also, pro tip that this pro forgot, if you want to start a tweet with a handle but still want everyone to see it, put a period in front of it or it will only go to the person directly. Without further ado, and including previously unseen tweets, is the recap:

@CMCamilleri starts us off with an introduction to the panel and topic of corporate writing #pwacpanel

Tonight’s panelists are @jaclynlaw @erinbrand and Gabrielle Bauer #pwacpanel

@jaclynlaw shres that she doesn’t do much media work at all anymore - mostly works for corporate clients now #pwacpanel

@jaclynlaw shares tips on writing: consider charging by the project, raise rates when possible  #pwacpanel

@jaclynlaw How to get clients? Tell everyone you are a writer, connect with former coworkers, meet with other writers, develop an online presence, and carry biz cards  #pwacpanel

@jaclynlaw professional skills include patience, friendliness, time management #pwacpanel

Next up is Gabrielle Bauer! Started out working in journalism and now does corporate health and medicine writing  #pwacpanel

Gabrielle’s clients include medical communications companies, nonprofits, associations, hospitals #pwacpanel

Gabrielle’s work includes annual reports, conference coverage, meeting reports, newsletters and more #pwacpanel

Gabrielle gets most work by word of mouth but says website and cold calling also be helpful starting out. Informal writing groups in your niche can also help #pwacpanel

Gabrielle’s last tips: meet your deadlines, get back to people quickly, focus on a niche, network  #pwacpanel

Final panellist of the night is @erinbrand, a partner at the Content Writers Group agency #pwacpanel

Like other panelists, @erinbrand says that her agency’s pivot to serving mostly corporate clients was also due to shrinking journalism opportunities #pwacpanel

@erinbrand says her agency focuses on particular industries and offering regular content packages #pwacpanel

@erinbrand says part of the solution her agency provides is managing feedback getween corporate clients and top writers, bundling project management services in too #pwacpanel

@erinbrand says niches are helpful today because a writer can develop and show subject matter expertise and be more valuable to clients #pwacpanel

Thanks panellists! Now the Q&A begins, led by moderator @CMCamilleri asking ‘what is corporate writing?’ #pwacpanel

Questions include how to name yourself (writer or consultant?), whether to include your samples online, balance between writing and editing, attending conferences #pwacpanel

Further discussion on whether there’s a move towards shorter word lengths, benefits of freelance vs in-house #pwacpanel

Thanks to a great panel and an attentive audience! Please join us for our next seminar on November 10th - details at  #pwacpanel

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